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in Pinner, West London


Boarders and Day Care Each and every dog coming into K9 Ventures is treated as an individual. I provide exceptional, loving care in a home environment for your dog when you can't be there. I want you to be able to go to work or on holiday without feeling upset or guilty for leaving your dog behind - I can assure you that your dog will be having the best time ever. I provide the ultimate in doggy day care and luxury home boarding. Dogs go home happy and tired whether they stay for a day or a month! I update my facebook page, K9 Ventures, every day with pictures I have taken of the dogs so you can see your dog is having a wonderful time.


I am a qualified Veterinary Nurse and over the years I have trained many Pet Professionals in first aid so that they too can run their own businesses safe in the knowledge that should something go wrong, they will know what to do.


I have two wonderful dogs of my own called Vera and Bear. Vera is a 'Pets as Therapy' dog and I compete at agility with her. Bear is the youngster but he too will be trained to be a P.A.T. dog and I will compete at agility with him when he is old enough. They are both well trained, well socialised lovely dogs.


Can we come and visit your premises?


Yes. As part of my inspection and licensing agreements with the local council, every dog and owner must come and visit the home so that an assessment can be done and you can see if my set up is what you are looking for. This is by appointment only.


What will my dog's routine be?


Vera cuddling Stan Every day is different which is why I love my job! The day generally starts early at K9 Ventures! All dogs wake up, go out into the garden and then have their breakfast. The day boarders then come in between 7.30 am and 8 am. A settling down period of an hour is given to let their food go down before they are allowed to play. Then it's off to collect some dogs from their homes and go for a long country walk that's fun and exciting! I visit Black Park, the woods and Stoke Common to name a few for fun filled walks which burn off energy, build fitness and allow the dogs the freedom of running around in the fresh air.


Hours later, when we arrive home, all dogs are showered off and towel dried, then given a snack before settle time. A play in the garden or house is next on the agenda when some basic training is given to every dog. After that it's dinner time. Again, all dogs rest for a while in comfy, snuggly beds before being allowed to play. Day Boarders are taken back to their homes from 5 pm and those that have been dropped off to the house usually go home between 6 pm and 6.30 pm. A snack is given to the dogs having a sleep over before bedtime along with lots and lots of evening cuddles - my favourite time of the day.


How are the dogs transported?


Walking the dogs in the snow All dogs are transported for their long country walks in my specially converted dog van. Each dog has their own comfy compartment with a fluffy blanket and a non-spill water bowl for the journey.


Why do you not accept entire male dogs?


I do not accept unneutered dogs over 6 months old as this often upsets the balance of the group. Entire males often mark their scent everywhere, including the home.


How do I pay?


You are sent a confirmation and payment request by email a month before your dog's holiday stay. Payment may be made by cash or by bank transfer, details of which will be given. Day boarders pay weekly on the first day of their stay in cash, or alternatively I will send you an invoice by email on the last day of the month listing all the days your dog has stayed with me and the cost.


For a truly worry-free experience of boarding your dog in a warm, loving family home please email Karen - karen@k9ventures.co.uk or call 07905 431181.


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K9 Ventures are based in Pinner, West London, UK


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