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Why K9 Ventures for Dog Training?


I am a fully qualified (with distinction) IMDT Dog Trainer with over 30 years experience of working with dogs. I am passionate about helping owners and their dogs by using non aversive, positive reinforcement methods which are scientifically based and really work. It's fun too!!




To get you off to the best possible start, I can help you to select the most suited breed of puppy/dog for your lifestyle and family. I can help you choose a breeder or rescue home and guide you through everything you need to know regarding bringing your puppy or dog home, such as where your dog will sleep, what you will feed your dog and how to start socialising.


I am truly saddened by the fact that puppy farms still exist. To ensure that this terrible practice eventually stops we need make sure we do not unknowingly purchase a puppy from a puppy farm. For an initial chat please call me - Karen on 07905 431181 or email karen@k9ventures.co.uk.


I offer a home setting up service which entails me coming to your home to ensure that everything is prepared and safe for your new arrival. Preparation is everything! The areas I cover are Stoke Poges, Farnham Common, Hedgerley, Fulmer and Gerrards Cross. Please call or email me to find out more.




I visit local Veterinary Surgeries to give free advice to owners of puppies. This gives pups the chance to meet each other in a controlled, safe environment and for owners to get hints and tips at this critical early stage of development to help them raise the best dog ever! Please ask your Vet if I am visiting soon - or get them to call me to make the necessary arrangements. I cover areas surrounding Stoke Poges.




It is said by experts in the dog world that there is a 'window of opportunity' in a puppy's life. This is between the ages of 3 and 12 weeks old where a puppy is most accepting of new experiences. After that they become more cautious of new situations. From about 12 weeks onwards the opportunity to introduce new things that are acceptable and enjoyable to the puppy becomes harder with each passing week. From about 18 to 20 weeks old it becomes much more difficult to get a dog to overcome a situation that it finds stressful and/or fearful. It is, therefore, very important to get things off to a good start early on which is why I provide home puppy training visits during this critical period. Call Karen on 07905 431181 for an informal chat to see what's involved. Each session lasts for one hour at a cost of £80 per session and the areas I cover are Stoke Poges, Farnham Common, Hedgerley, Fulmer and Gerrards Cross.


Once your dog has had their injections and your Vet has advised you that your puppy is safe and ready to go out, the classes continue at K9 Ventures HQ and out in the big wide world. At this stage I offer either 1-2-1 sessions or very small group classes in calm, secure indoor and outdoor environments. I have found over the years that some sensitive puppies can feel frightened and upset when classes are based in small halls with large numbers of puppies and owners. A noisy and stressful environment may not be the best option for some puppies at a time when we want them to be accepting and happy with new experiences.


Our puppy training course lasts for 6 weeks at a cost of £150 giving your pup the perfect start in life. We aim to help you raise a happy, confident member of your family and one that you will be proud to take anywhere. We help you to develop a relationship with your dog built on the understanding of your dog's body language and complete trust. The training sessions are fun, informative and delivered with empathy and energy to owners and pups alike. Each class is carefully planned with Q & A sessions to help you overcome any problems you may be experiencing. A weekly email will be sent to you after every class, just in case you missed something, and a few minutes homework a day will be given to really maximize the benefits of the training class. Email me now to book your place.




These classes are brilliant for owners that want to concentrate on a particular training issue such as re-call or loose lead walking. They are also very useful for dogs that may not enjoy the company of other dogs and require a large secure space in which to work


The session takes place at K9 Ventures HQ and runs for an hour at a cost of £60.




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Dog grooming is offered to those dogs registered with K9 Ventures. In order to register, dogs must attend Day Care regularly. I am a City and Guilds (with distinction) qualified Dog Groomer and have been grooming dogs for over 25 years. I groom one dog at a time so each one gets individual attention in a calm, relaxing environment using the latest technology grooming equipment. This takes place in my studio within the grounds of K9 Ventures.


I also offer a bath and brush service for dogs that have been professionally groomed by myself within the last 4 weeks. Only one bath and brush session may be booked before booking another full grooming session. Included in the Bath and Brush price is brushing and combing the coat to remove any tangles, bathing, conditioning, drying and trimming around the eyes. Claws, anal glands, ears and bathing are all included in the full grooming fee.


I also offer the following while your dog is boarding with me:


Clip claws



Anal glands



Face/feet & rear tidy



(no bath)


Dogs with matted coats or coats that will take longer than 15 minutes to de-matt will be clipped off under the Animal Welfare Act 2010. It is against the law to cause unnecessary pain and suffering to any animal so, for this reason, and the fact that we love the dogs in our care, we will not de-matt any dog for long periods of time.


For more information and a price list for this unique pamper experience for dogs please email karen@k9ventures.co.uk and one will be sent out immediately.


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K9 Ventures are based in Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire, UK


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