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Why K9 Ventures for Dog Training?


I am a fully qualified (with distinction) IMDT Dog Trainer with over 30 years experience of working with dogs. I am passionate about helping owners and their dogs by using non aversive, positive reinforcement methods which are scientifically based and really work. It's fun too!!




I visit local Veterinary Surgeries to give free advice to owners of puppies. This gives pups the chance to meet each other in a controlled, safe environment and for owners to get hints and tips at this critical early stage of development to help them raise the best dog ever! Please ask your Vet if I am visiting soon - or get them to call me to make the necessary arrangements.




It is said by experts in the dog world that there is a 'window of opportunity' in a puppy's life. This is between the ages of 3 and 12 weeks old where a puppy is most accepting of new experiences. After that they become more cautious of new situations. From about 12 weeks onwards the opportunity to introduce new things that are acceptable and enjoyable to the puppy becomes harder with each passing week. From about 18 to 20 weeks old it becomes much more difficult to get a dog to overcome a situation that it finds stressful and/or fearful. It is, therefore, very important to get things off to a good start early on. I Hold puppy 1-2-1 sessions in my consulting room, which is thoroughly disinfected after every use, for puppies that are too young to join a class. This session will help you settle your puppy in to a fantastic routine, helps with toilet training, sleep issues, crate training, eating, how to give a positive interrupter signal to your pup to stop unwanted behaviour, how to start a puppy recall and lots lots more. The session lasts for about an hour and a detailed written report is sent to you immediately after the session. Clients have said that this session is invaluable and put them on the right track until their puppy was old enough to attend classes.




Once your dog has had their injections and your Vet has advised you that your puppy is safe and ready to go out, the classes continue at K9 Ventures HQ and out in the big wide world. At this stage I offer either 1-2-1 sessions or very small group classes in calm, secure indoor and outdoor environments. I have found over the years that some sensitive puppies can feel frightened and upset when classes are based in small halls with large numbers of puppies and owners. A noisy and stressful environment may not be the best option for some puppies at a time when we want them to be accepting and happy with new experiences.


Our puppy training course lasts for 6 weeks at a cost of £150 giving your pup the perfect start in life. We aim to help you raise a happy, confident member of your family and one that you will be proud to take anywhere. We help you to develop a relationship with your dog built on the understanding of your dog's body language and complete trust. The training sessions are fun, informative and delivered with empathy and energy to owners and pups alike. Each class is carefully planned with Q & A sessions to help you overcome any problems you may be experiencing. A weekly email will be sent to you after every class, just in case you missed something, and a few minutes homework a day will be given to really maximize the benefits of the training class. Some people prefer to have their sessions on a 1-2-1 basis as we can be more flexible on the timings of the classes and you will get more individual attention. The 1-2-1 puppy course is £300. Email me now to book either your 1-2-1 course or the group classes on karen@k9ventures.co.uk.




Dogs go through their adolescent period between 6 to 18 months of age. During this time, you may feel like your puppy classes are a distant memory (it was all going so well!). You may have got out of the routine of training or the training you are doing isn't working as your dog’s hormones fluctuate all over the place. Spiralling chemicals such as dopamine and testosterone surge around your dog's body causing mood fluctuations, impulsivity and a low tolerance to stressors. Dogs that used to keep close by you start to become brave and want to roam and explore new territory and sometimes dogs that used to recall really well suddenly go deaf!


As your dog becomes more independent and begins to look at the world as an adult, rather than a puppy, some dogs seem to challenge us and push the boundaries. Your dog may become more excited and over react to things. Confident dogs may become over-confident and shy dogs may become shyer. During this time their adult teeth are through but they still need to properly set in the gums. For this to happen a dog really needs to chew, therefore, you may find your dog is being destructive now. Your 'teenager' may also become boisterous and fail to respond to training. Young dogs typically experience another 'fear period' so it may surprise you when you see your confident, friendly young dog suddenly get scared about things they previously didn't.


The good news is that this is a phase and with careful, sympathetic handling you will both come out the other side. To help you through this important time in your dog's life I have put together a training course especially for dogs aged 6 months to 18 months. This is a six-week course and each session lasts for an hour at a cost of £150. As an extra bonus I give a short talk at the end of every class on a first aid subject so that you have the knowledge to keep your dog safe at this challenging time. I am a qualified Veterinary Nurse and have previously owned a canine first aid workshop company. You will receive weekly notes via email just in case you forget something I mention in class and handouts for the first aid section where required. I aim to help you get your training back on track, get your dog to focus more, tighten up those recalls and iron out any problems you may be experiencing. As with all of my classes I keep the numbers small so there will be no more than 6 in a class. In order to attend the group class dogs most have attended some previous training at K9 Ventures so that even if the dogs are working at slightly different levels, we are all training our dogs using the same methods and using the same cues. This course is also offered on a 1-2-1 basis for those with dogs and owners that prefer individual attention and are better suited to this way of learning or have had no previous trainings at K9Ventures. The cost is £300. Please email me to book your place - karen@k9ventures.co.uk




I offer 1-2-1 classes which are brilliant for owners that want to concentrate on a particular training issue such as re-call or loose lead walking. They are also very useful for dogs that may not enjoy the company of other dogs and require a large secure space in which to work. The session takes place at K9 Ventures HQ and runs for an hour at a cost of £60 with follow up notes included.


I also run a bespoke Adult Improver 1-2-1 course which lasts for 5 weeks at a cost of £250. This course is excellent for owners that have got out of the habit of training their dog and are not sure where to start. We cover everything from recall and loose lead walking to how to play with your dog, targeting and much more.


Please see the testimonials page so that you can hear how training classes have helped owners like you!




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Dog grooming is offered to those dogs registered with K9 Ventures. In order to register, dogs must attend Day Care regularly. I am a City and Guilds (with distinction) qualified Dog Groomer and have been grooming dogs for over 25 years. I groom one dog at a time so each one gets individual attention in a calm, relaxing environment using the latest technology grooming equipment. This takes place in my studio within the grounds of K9 Ventures.


I also offer a bath and brush service for dogs that have been professionally groomed by myself within the last 4 weeks. Only one bath and brush session may be booked before booking another full grooming session. Included in the Bath and Brush price is brushing and combing the coat to remove any tangles, bathing, conditioning, drying and trimming around the eyes. Claws, anal glands, ears and bathing are all included in the full grooming fee.


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K9 Ventures are based in Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire, UK


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